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Refinance and No-Cost Refinance

Take Advantage of Low Rates

Points or no points?
Don't fall for the first no-points, the no-cost deal you hear on the radio.

Our experienced mortgage advisors will help you decide whether paying points makes sense or not, depending on your situation. If you plan to stay in your home for a period of time, there is a break-even point where paying points makes tremendous sense. We'll help you figure it out, so that you come out ahead financially.

Popular Loans for Lower Payments

  • FHA Loan

    Get into your new home with only 3.5% down, and relatives can gift your closing costs.

  • Fixed Loan

    A 30-year fixed is still the most popular loan because the payment never changes and rates are still near historic lows.

  • VA Loan

    A great choice for veterans and active service members. No down payment, no PMI, and great rates.

  • Adjustable-Rate Loan

    Adjustable rate mortgages typically have lower rates as compared to fixed-rate loans, and you can lock in the rate for 5, or 7 years, and save thousands in interest.

At E.M.C. within minutes we'll be able to tell you if refinancing could save you money each month. With rates still near historic lows, there's a good chance you can.

We'll do the math, call us.